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Chinese official reveals new evidence of extraterrestrials

Posted by Rafael on December 13, 2012 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

December 12, 2011 - A former Chinese official has occur forward to expose new proof that extraterrestrials wander amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere—from lowly factory personnel to the best echelons of sector and govt.


A former Chinese official has come ahead to expose new proof that extraterrestrials stroll amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere—from lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of market and authorities.


Sun Shili, a former Chinese official, has occur forward to reveal understanding that extraterrestrials are on Earth. He asserts the ETs can be located everywhere—from lowliest factory worker and farmer to the greatest positions of market and government.


And the Chinese individuals are listening.


The ageing authoritarians that ran China from their seat of power in old Peking under Mao are all gone. The new China is significantly more open up to the proof of ETs in their tradition and background.


A government-financed team is even now discovering a mysterious pyramid some researchers declare is an historical, gigantic alien base. [Before It truly is Reports: Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid ]


But some of the power construction managing China still carries vestiges of the negative aged regime. People factors fight versus freedom of information, the Net and even the freedom of personal text messaging.


Nevertheless those powers are currently being distracted as China's financial system is floundering and most of their time and energy is now spent on the growing dilemma of supporting a slumping financial system.


With China's rising economic woes the leaders' major be concerned is forestalling likely civil unrest: hundreds of thousands of inadequate Chinese from the rural locations carry on to flood industrialized cities looking for jobs—jobs that are drying up.


Because China is in a state of flux—both politically and economically—decades-old restrictions created to muzzle individuals like Sun Shili have loosened. And as China's grip eases, truth, in all its aspects, begins to shine via like sunlight peeking by way of turbulent storm clouds.


Like the fact about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and unusual paranormal visitations.


Above the previous two a long time, UFO and paranormal investigatory organizations have sprung up in China like proverbial flowers immediately after a scarce desert downpour. The Chinese people take the mysterious with open arms. They've constantly been interested in the strange, the bizarre, the unexplainable. Their ancient literature and texts—some of the oldest in the planet outdoors the ancient writings of Sumeria and Tibet—are crammed with accounts of otherworldly visitors, amazing encounters with ETs and strange guests instantly appearing in remote Chinese villages.


The progress of these companies is virtually exponential, possibly that's not way too astonishing in a country with a population exceeding 1.3 billion individuals.


Today, China has far more UFO companies supported by real scientific organizations, universities and the common community, than any other nation on Earth.


Many of the organizations are now funded by the authorities that when suppressed them. Almost all drop below the banner—or are associated with—the National Modern society of Extraterrestrial Studies (NASETS).


Immediately supported and funded by the authorities, NASETS is some thing Chairman Mao would have frowned on in his day.


The organization's the distinctive domain of accredited engineers and researchers and one-third of NASETS members are also government workers. The rest hail from universities or industrial research centers.


Members need to also maintain Ph.D.s in their scientific or engineering field and have at minimum numerous peer-reviewed research published about Unidentified Flying Objects or extraterrestrials.


Evaluate that method to the subterfuge and misinformation the military-industrial-federal government intricate in The us and other Western countries frequently foist on their hapless citizens.


Between the hundreds of accredited researchers operating with NASETS, Sun Shili is one that promotes the concept that extraterrestrials are living and functioning amongst individuals proper now.


A retired international ministry official, Sun at present heads the highly regarded Beijing UFO Research Society, a duly associated arm of the all-encompassing NASETS.


He says at the time he assumed it was some kind of government monitoring device—although the technological innovation driving the object was actually far beyond any country on Earth—and it was not right up until years later when he go through of certain UFO encounters that he recognized the object he observed was not made by humans.


Amid these who concur with Sun is rocket scientist Shen Shituan. Shen's the authoritative president of Beijing Aerospace University, a prestigious and effective position. Shen is also an honorary diirector of the fifty,000 member government-sponsored China UFO Research Association.


Shen stresses that all reports of ET make contact with to the association are crucial.

Sources and more information:


• China and ETs: They Walk Among Us

Government Official: ETs Walk Among Us Before It's News.A former Chinese official has come forward to reveal new evidence that extraterrestrials walk amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere - from lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of industry and government.Sun's drawings of ETs that appear as humans...

• Government Official: ETs Walk Among Us

A former Chinese official has come forward to reveal new evidence that extraterrestrials walk amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere - from lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of industry and government.Sun's drawings of ETs that appear as humans agoracosmopolitan.com Sun Shili, a former Chinese official, has come...


Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/news/Chinese_official_reveals_new_evidence_of_extraterrestrials/83834#ixzz2Exz6R9N8


UPDATE) page changes and new member delays.

Posted by Rafael on July 10, 2012 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (2)

If you requested to join the page im sorry for the delay i hadn't been on in a long time and havent had a chance to even look towards requests but im getting to it as we speak. sorry for taking so long!

Living without fear

Posted by Ainan King on February 20, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (1)

 Fear, it is the most powerful tool that the enemy of man has at his disposal. If you are bound by it, you are defeated already, enslaved and and powerless. How can you live without fear? Be filled with perfect love! Love will cast out ALL FEAR! Children of Adam, why do you fear what may happen tomorrow? There is only the now! What is your corruptible and foul flesh, that you would give up your everlasting freedom to try and save it? Know this, if you would cling to your temporary flesh, trying to save your life, you will indeed loose it! To save one's life is to have faith in our Lord and King Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God. In this, your soul will live and you will receive a body which is incorruptible. Why do you seek to prolong your stay in Hell? Are you not weary of the dust in which you dwell? Know this, your true family hears the voice of your spirit, crying out for freedom. They hear and welcome you home, the past will be forgotten, trespasses will be no more. Exile will end, we will go home, together! Fear not for your flesh. If you must warn people, warn their spirit that time is short, not about things which must come, as all flesh will perish, but about reaching out to those who watch to see if you are awakening your brethren!

A Rose By Any Other Name

Posted by Ragu on January 14, 2012 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I will be as brief and to-the-point on things as I can be here-in.........

"A rose by any other name....."  -- Shakespeare

It has recently come to my attention that, due to my name, there are those person(s) that are, shall we say, "put off" based solely in whole, and or in part, due to my name.

My name!?!? Are you serious?!?!?

About the best example and explaination I can give and make is what I call "The Prego Spegetti Sauce Explaination". I will make this the "condensed version" of this explaination, as I wrote it unto Rafa, and wish only to note a few things of and from it here-in. Now just like you go into the store and see all kinds and types of spegetti sauces, still each is in it's own container. And while someone will take the sauce out of the container, and put it into a sauce pan, which goes on the spegetti, which eventually goes into the refrigerator as left-overs or at the very last step into the dishes to be washed, either way it is still Prego Spegetti Sauce. And while things can be added, etc., to the sauce, it still does not change the sauce from being Prego Spegetti Sauce. 

It is what "it" IS.

And while events and all prior to December 11th, 2011 have happened and taken place, which I do hope that any and all person(s) with whom I have, or may have, trespassed and or offended forgive me of such as I forgive them of such also, still these events were PRIOR to December 11th, 2011. That day changed me forever!!! And NOTHING has been the same since. And to talk of these events anymore is abuse. And while this is, in its own way, a(n) abuse also, still I hope that this IS the end of it all.

Moving on, and back to topic.........

To base thoughts, feelings, opinions, and or anything else on and or upon a "name" is, to me, childish. After all, that would be like an adult asking a child if they wished and or wanted to be friends with another child named "John". Here is what I mean.........."Would you like to be friends with John??"........"John?? NO NO!!!! My daddy goes to the John, and it smells VERY BAD when he goes there, and he takes a LONG TIME there in the "John" also, and I don't like it there, and so I can't be friends with someone named John 'cause they might smell bad, and take a long time also." 

Now, seriously here, we all know or have encountered children that do think, and or feel, these kinds of ways, means, and or manners. And yet, really, how many adults are still in these same kind(s) of mind sets??? Just because someone gets older in physical age means nothing as to anything else. I know a LOT of 60-year olds that do not have the common sense of a 6-year old. And I know MANY 6-year olds that have more knowledge and wisdom than their young years would ever say, and or suggest.

Age. Another scale that is of human origin and means NOTHING. 

Still, the same can be said and shared of names, societies, civilizations, religions, etc.. After all, God made 1 man and 1 woman, which came to be the 12-Tribes whom each have their own ways, means, and manners that differ from one another. Genesis Chapter 7, Verus 11 talks of the many changes that are, and happened, between each of these tribes which seperates them.

And if my name is a "barrier", than certainly I can remove that.

Thus, I now call myself Ragu here.


Well, just as December 11th, 2011 forever changed me, I combine that with this, and get......

Ragu............."Don't worry about it. It's In There!!!!"

Wishing everyone a Great and Blessed Day........


Posted by Rafael on January 6, 2012 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (2)

I'm asking everyone to pray for Ainan and his family. They have lost someone extremely close to them so im asking for a moment out of everyones day to pray for them and keep them in mind. thank you.

A union?

Posted by Anonop on July 24, 2011 at 2:24 PM Comments comments (0)

The more we can gather in numbers and unite the stronger we are. Your cause is as ours and therefore you command respect. Truth and Freedom.


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