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Living without fear

Posted by Ainan King on February 20, 2012 at 12:30 AM

 Fear, it is the most powerful tool that the enemy of man has at his disposal. If you are bound by it, you are defeated already, enslaved and and powerless. How can you live without fear? Be filled with perfect love! Love will cast out ALL FEAR! Children of Adam, why do you fear what may happen tomorrow? There is only the now! What is your corruptible and foul flesh, that you would give up your everlasting freedom to try and save it? Know this, if you would cling to your temporary flesh, trying to save your life, you will indeed loose it! To save one's life is to have faith in our Lord and King Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God. In this, your soul will live and you will receive a body which is incorruptible. Why do you seek to prolong your stay in Hell? Are you not weary of the dust in which you dwell? Know this, your true family hears the voice of your spirit, crying out for freedom. They hear and welcome you home, the past will be forgotten, trespasses will be no more. Exile will end, we will go home, together! Fear not for your flesh. If you must warn people, warn their spirit that time is short, not about things which must come, as all flesh will perish, but about reaching out to those who watch to see if you are awakening your brethren!

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10:04 PM on February 20, 2012